Thursday, September 1, 2011

I Meant to do That

Had an interesting conversation with a co-worker the other day.
He asked for my opinion,
Wanted to know what I thought.
Said he figured I'd have an answer for his question.

(I always like when people ask me what I think,
it makes me feel good, like they believe I actually
AM thinking and have thoughts to share.
Who doesn't like that?)

He shared that he's spent a chunk of his life,
in his current station of life,
waking up in the morning
and heading to bed at night
very aware
that there is something
waiting out there for him to do

He's antsy
and excited
and feels expectant
and ready
and on edge

but every day is the same

every day, he feels this way

but nothing


He shared that he'd recently opened up to another friend
and the friend had given his opinion
on One's Purpose.
He had shared his perspective with this thought,
"Maybe...just maybe, you've already accomplished your purpose.
Maybe there is no grand thing out there for you to pursue.
Maybe you've already done it.
And you're sitting around waiting.
And it's already over and done."

This left him in a tizzy
this unsettled him
this was not the kind of answer he expected.

And it was not what he needed to hear...

So now, it was my turn.
My turn to throw an answer in with the other
and see what came out...

Here's the thing,
I am driven by a sense of purpose.
I am defined by my intense belief in purpose
I am challenged, motivated, inspired and
connected in every area of my life


So, to ask me what I think,
to ask for my thoughts
on Purpose...
is giving me an open invitation to share
the heart and soul of who I am.

In that very moment,
while I was pausing
preparing how I wanted to answer
considering what he needed
contemplating his question,
I knew I was walking into a purposeful moment
I knew I was about to fulfill a purpose
I knew that specific conversation was part of why
I had woken up that morning...


I believe there is purpose behind every single day of my life
I believe there is purpose in every human encounter I have throughout my day
I believe there is purpose in every still moment I take to breathe and think
I believe there is purpose in
every touch
every word
every connecting point
every smile
every laugh
every tear
every sigh
every smirk
every moment of my day

I live each of my days with purpose
with intention
with an effort to fulfill my purpose
for that morning
that afternoon
that evening
that night

These are not always grand purposes,
but sometimes, they can be.
Each and every time
I give a piece of me away
in a smile
or a kindness
or an encouragement
or an engaging conversation,
I am aware of purpose,
My purpose
and His purposes.

There is meaning to my life because there is meaning to my day.
Each and every day.

And then, there are other Purposes
(note the capitol 'P').
Purposes I have committed to for the long-haul...

Raising and nurturing my children into:
sincere opportunities to experience faith in action
maturity of character
depth of care
and wisdom

Maintaining a heart that's free
and open
and feeling
and loving
and caring
and forgiving
and accepting

And sharing my faith
and hope
and love...
so others can see
and feel
and know
through me.

And then there is PURPOSE
(the kind my co-worker was questioning).
the ultimate,
point of
His life
My life
Your life.

Here's the thing.
Here's how I really feel...
Here's what I think
about PURPOSE...

I believe each of our lives have

I believe there are ultimate things
I have been designed to live out
pass on
go through
and become

In those things, my PURPOSE will unfold.

But, at this point,
I'm not looking for
searching out
I am not holding out for an Oprah
kind of PURPOSE.

I'm not holding out at all.
I am not waking up
or falling asleep
feeling tension
questioning the meaning of my life.

I am,
as I shared with my friend...

Pursuing the purposes I know
instead of wondering about
waiting for
what is unknown...
what I don't know.

I am pursuing what I know,
I am meant to do.
I am loving where I can love.
Giving where I can give.
Spending myself where I can be poured out.
Sharing what I can share.

Being who I have been designed to be.
Growing little by little
and reaching behind me to anyone who might want to follow along.
I am pursuing purpose in all things.

I believe
I will accomplish what I was intended to accomplish.
I will apprehend that which I have been apprehended for.

I have been given life
and breath
and people to love
and faith to share
and friends to encourage
and children to nurture
and a heart to keep tender
and people to discover
and give.

That is my purpose
and my Purpose
and my PURPOSE.

Pursue the purpose you know
whether it is in your mothering
your sistering
your neighboring
your spousing
your working
your questioning
your changing
your challenging
your becoming
your morning
your afternoon
your night

Pursue it with gusto.
Live with intention.
Find fulfillment in being
and becoming
and making a difference in someone's day
or life...
and giving
and teaching

....and loving.
What's more purposeful than that?

That's all.
Be Your Best,