Monday, March 21, 2011

Shadow Dancing

It is nice to be missed.
It is comforting to receive personal notes,
messages from women who have visited this blog
and noticed I've been missing.
I sigh
and smile
and even tear up a little
when I hear from you.
Thank you.
Yep. I've been gone.

And I'm not back quite yet.
(But I will be...I will)

Without a lot of detail,
without a lot of drama
or hoopla,
I will let you in.

I am still dancing.


I am still taking care of myself,
but my life is a bit sideways right now.
It is hard
and shifting (a lot).

This is not a time for high heels and red lipstick.
It is not a time for Rockstar Jeans and Jamming Tunes.
Not a time for posting inspiration or motivation.
Not a time for offering strength to others,
when I am in such need of it myself.

It is a time for
or slippers
and maybe even just socks
and maybe even bare feet.

It is a time for me to focus on being a mother.
Putting my children first, without putting myself last.

I am walking more than I am dancing.
I am moving through my day
at a different pace
in a different direction than I've ever known before.

Sometimes I am sitting and just trying to listen.
At times, I am simply standing, and hoping to hear something.
Other times I am leaning against whatever I can find to hold me up.

My life
is changing.

YOU, get out and dance for me.
Dance and become.
Be free and change.
Discover who you want to be, and embrace it.

And let me hear from you.
Tell me your stories.
Inspire and!

I'll catch up with you soon.
Very soon.

That's all.
Be Your Best!