Thursday, July 14, 2011

Note to Self (and anyone else who's reading...)

Stock up on cute, flirty sundresses & halter dresses when they go on clearance.
Stop hiding your arms!
Better yet, buy a pair of 8lb dumb-bells and start doing simple sets of 15 "what-evers" with them
before you get dressed in the morning
and after you brush your teeth at night.

Touch up your roots when they start showing!

Stop going out to eat. 
Eat the groceries in your pantry! 
You paid good money for them. 
Stop being lazy...
get up and 
make something in YOUR kitchen.

Buy (& wear) a cheap pair of big hoop earrings for the pool.
Get a pair of flipflops with a little bling when they go on sale for next year at the pool.
Find a picture of the fabulous swimsuit (a two-piece!) you want for next year.
Post it some place to inspire you all summer (fall and winter) long.

Buy some lipgloss....something from the CORAL family.
Keep it in your beach/pool bag and use it liberally while you're out.

Buy a case of Fresca (Peach Citrus).
Tastes like Summer.

Commit to read a great book for each WEEK remaining in your summer.
Turn off the television and read something:
Magazines, non-fiction, even a romance novel (I mean it!)

Rent your favorite movies from the 80s.
(or whenever you were highschool)
Quote as many lines as you can remember.
Share them with your kids (if suitable).

Go out with your girlfriends.
Eat outside.
Get loud. Really loud.
Laugh Out Loud.

Call your best friend and cry.
Really Cry.
Really let it out.
She'll understand.
She might be needing a good cry, too.

Cuddle with your kids (if they'll let you).

Buy a summery scented candle
and shower gel
or bubble bath
Close the door to the bathroom
run yourself a warm bath.
Slice a lemon into sections,
put a spoonful of sugar on a plate
and soak your worries away
as you dredge the lemon through the sugar.
Savor the flavor.

Don't cut your hair!
Let it air dry.
Find some new way to wear it.
Buy a new hair band or clips.
Do something different with it.
Or get a straw cowboy hat and wear it.

Use lots of Aveeno body lotion.
(Put it on after you get out of the shower,
BEFORE you dry'll work even better!)

Play music.
Play music
and sing along.

Have fun
Feel alive
Watch as many sunsets as possible.
Eat ice cream
and watermelon!

Soak in summer for all it has to offer.
Feed yourself on summer.

That's all.
Make this your best summer EVER!
Be your best!

Stop eating
Start feeding yourself, Becky!!!!
(and everyone else!)


  1. LOVE this post. This is prooving to be my best summer so far for 10 years having lost nearly 2 stone. You're an inspiration - thank you

  2. Fabulous advice! I hope that you have enjoyed that bikini this summer, my friend. I thought of you yesterday as I realized there was no chance I'll be putting on a swimsuit this summer. I'm on it though and between the gym and some better choices, my jeans will rock this winter. ;)

  3. Last summer was my best summer ever as I fed myself for three whole weeks on a road trip by myself!! This summer is more productive, though I've done many of the above! I only have three weeks left of summer, but I plan on carrying your suggestions through the entire year!